IBEEFA is cozy and comfortable, the Gulf craft cruiser, Oryx 40”, ensuring a safe and enjoyable time at sea. With its air conditioned internal salon, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and small galley, guests will spend a comfortable and relaxing time onboard!

Winter Prices



1 hour

AED 1,100

2 hours

AED 1,900

3 hours

AED 2,600

4 hours

AED 3,200

8 hours

AED 5,200

Charge per extra hour

AED 600


Additional services (such as transportation or other onboard activities) can be included at additional costs. 

What’s included?

ü  2 hours of relaxing and de-stressing on the coastal cruise. Enjoy the picturesque coastline!

ü  3 and more hours of snorkeling, swimming and other activities such as jet-skiing. Cruise to beautiful places of the East Coast such as Martini Rock, Coral Garden (there is a small beach nestled in the mountains and great underwater world for snorkeling and swimming), Snoopy or Shark Island, Dibba Rock.

ü  Refreshments and snacks such as water, soft drinks and fruits are included

ü  Snorkeling equipment and towels are provided (if opted for and booked prior)

Important Information:

1.    You must have your ID or passport with you. Coast guards will not allow boarding otherwise.

2.    As we don’t control the weather, cruises might be cancelled or re-scheduled. We will inform you as early as possible.

3.    Safety is our #1 priority to ensure you have a great time.  Captain’s instructions are to ensure you are safe and must be followed.

4.    This is a private experience, suitable for couples, families and groups up to 7 persons.

5.    We must obey and respect local and maritime rules.

6.    Please tell us about any information that would help us make your experience more enjoyable.

7.    Do give us feedback to allow us to improve our services to you.

For inquiries, please contact us:


FEWA Building, Office 808

E-Mail: tourism@fujtown.com / marketing@fujtown.com

Tel. No.: 00971 9 22 44 200

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